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Dr Ellie is the GP for the Mail on Sunday with weekly health pages that also appear on Mailonline. She is the regular on-screen GP for Sky News and Channel 5 News, and is often asked to commentate on health across a wide range of media including Radio 4, LBC and ITV news.

Ellie’s expertise across all health and medicine is current thanks to her NHS practice and her passion is to empower patients to make sensible informed choices. She has appeared on prime-time Channel 4 series Health Freaks and Doctor in Your House as well as specials for ITV Tonight on breast cancer and work-place stress.

Ellie’s most recent book, Is Your Job Making You Ill? was published in January 2018 and focuses on mental health issues at work. Her first book ‘Keep Calm, The New Mum's Manual’ for new parents, was released in 2014.

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